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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ayten Tiryaki (b. 1961)

(b 1961 in Ordu/Turkey). Calligrapher and active in Istanbul. She graduated from Ankara University,Theologion Faculty with MA degree in 1983. Ayten Tiryaki took calligraphy lessons from calligrapher Hasan ÇELEBİ in 1983. She started to study Tezhip (Turkish-Islamic Decorative Art) in Kubbealtı Academy in 1984, continiued her studies with Prof.Dr.Çiçek DERMAN and İnci Ayan BİROL. She got the certificate of Tezhip from Prof.Dr.Çiçek DERMAN in 1986. She joined mixed exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. She got an encouragement prize of branch of Nasih in the 5 th of International Calligraphy Competition which was organized by İRCİCA, Istanbul. A list of exhibitions can be found on her website. After she worked as a teacher in religious schools which were related to Üsküdar and Ümraniye Department of Religious Affairs in Istanbul, she got retired in 2004. She opened a mixed exhibition with her students in Altunizade Culture Center in 2004 where she is organizing calligraphy and tezhip courses and continiues her art studies with her students. She is married and lives with her 3 children in Istanbul.

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