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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sami Efendi [b.1838-d.1912]

(b Istanbul, 13 March 1838; d Istanbul, 1 July 1912). Ottoman calligrapher. He was the son of Mahmud Efendi, the head of the quilt-makers guild. Sami learnt ta‛līq script from the calligraphers Kibriszade Ismail Hakkı Efendi and Ali Haydar Bey (1802–70) and thuluth script from Boşnak Osman Efendi. He was also inspired by the work of Mustafa Raqim. Sami’s fine inscriptions and calligraphic compositions adorn several mosques and fountains in Istanbul. He trained such calligraphers as Necmeddin Okyay and Ahmed Kamil Akdik (1861–1941) and was buried in the cemetery of the Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.


Ş. Rado: Türk hattatları [Turkish calligraphers] (Istanbul, n.d.), pp. 239–41
U. Derman: Hattat Sami Efendi (1838–1912): Hayatı ve eserleri [The calligrapher Sami Efendi (1838–1912): his life and works] (Istanbul, 1962) By Sami Efendi, dated and signed zerendud sülüs script panel.

Photograph ©HAT SAN'ATI Tarihçe, Malzeme ve Örnekler, Istanbul. Text:

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