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Friday, April 13, 2007

A Collectors´ Vision - Ugur Derman

Professor M. Ugur Derman's name is synonymous with calligraphy and marbling. Though he majored in pharmacy as a profession he has rather spent most of his 71 years of life on calligraphy and book arts. More than anyone in his generation, Ugur Derman is responsible for the survival of the arts of the book in Turkey, and for the recent resurgence in their appreciation. He is a student of Necmeddin Okyay (1883-1976) but has also benefited from Macid Ayral (1891-1961), Halim Özyazci (1898-1964), and Süheyl Ünver (1898-1986). Since 1962, he has written more than 350 articles, conference proceedings, and encyclopedia items, in addition to his 13 books on the subject. He is currently teaching at both Marmara and Mimar Sinan Universities in Istanbul.

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