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Friday, April 13, 2007

Selim Türkoglu (b.1960)

(b 1960, Erzincan, Turkey) Calligrapher and active in Istanbul, Turkey. He took his calligraphy master of Sülüs ve Nesih script from Ali Selcuk Erkurt. In Ta’lik script he was inspired and guided by Prof. Ali Alparslan. He was awarded by Cultural Ministry of Turkey in the branch of art of perfect calligraphy. Selim Türkoglu is continuing his works fastidiously to present. He is the founder of Gallery SER in Istanbul, where he works and teaches calligraphy. His works can be found in various collections both in Turkey and abroad.The artist established many solo exhibitons. He also participated in very many group exhibitions.

Divanyolu caddesi Ticarethane sk. 14/4 Cağaloğlu,Istanbul, Tel + 90 21 514 61 25

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