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Saturday, March 24, 2007

ABDULFETTAH (1814 - 1896)

Abdullfettah was born on the island of Chios in 1230 H. He was brought to Istanbul at a very early age and educated under the patronage of Husrev Pasha. He learned Thuluth, Jeli and Naskhi from a calligrapher of the name of Mustafa Sakir Effendi and received his icazet in 1847. He was employed first in the Secretariat of the Grand Vizier and subsequently in various government posts in Anatolia. In 1857 he was appointed designer of coins in the Imperial Mint, and was sent to Vienna and Paris for further professional training. He died in Vanikoy in 1314 H. and was buried in the garden belonging to the tomb of Sultan Mahmud.

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