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Monday, March 26, 2007


The library of the Netherlands Historical and Archaeological Institute was founded in 1958 and has ever since provided information and services to Turkish and foreign scientiests, and also to students of history and archaeology. Its collections have been continuously augmented and presently comprise over 15,000 volumes, which are placed in areas which are directly accesible to the public.

The library consists of a number of sections. The main section contains publications on the archaeology of Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East, with an emphasis on the earlier, pre-classical periods. The most important excavation reports, specialist studies and archaeological journals for this field of study can be foun in this section of the library which forms a unique collection in itself in İstanbul. The second section comprises books on the history of the Ottoman period, moreover general publications and journals on Islam and the Middle East. Apart from these, the second section has a growing number of publications in Turkish and other languages about the Selçuk Period. A third section comprises a large number of publications on Hititology and concerning the art and architecture of Europe between the 16th and 20 th centuries. The fifth section comprises books on the more recent history of Europe in general and the Netherlands more specifically.

Each year new publications on the above mentioned fields are acquired and lists with recent acquisitions are available free of charge. Most publications are in English, but there are also books published in a.i. Turkish, German and French Though the books can not be borrowed, photocopies can be made against a small payment.

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