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Saturday, March 24, 2007

ARIF: ‘Haci Arif Bey of Carsamba” (d. 1892)

He was known as Haci Arif of Carsamba because he lived in that district of Istanbul. He learned Thuluth and Naskhi from Hasim Effendi, an apprentice of Mustafa Rakim, and Ta’liq from Kibrisizade Hakki and Melek Pasazade Ali Haydar Bey. Arif Bey displayed great skill in istifs and musennas in Jeli Thuluth. These exquisite works aroused great admiration and appreciation. Arif Bey was also a master of the tughra. He died in 1310 H. and was buried in the Yavedud cemetery near Eyup/Istanbul.

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