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Saturday, March 24, 2007

OSMAN EFFENDI: “Hafiz Osman” (1642 - 1698)

Osman Effendi was born in Istanbul. He studied calligraphy under the master calligrapher Dervish All and later under Suyolcuzade Eyyubi Mustafa Effendi, from whom he received his icazet. Hafiz Osman was a brilliant calligrapher who succeeded in investing the script originally employed by Sheikh Hamdullah with a new elegance, and thus became known as “Seyh-i Sani”, the second Sheikh. He had a large number of pupils, one of the most outstanding being the calligrapher Ismail bin All Agakapi. He died in 1110 H. and was buried in the graveyard belonging to the Sünbül Effendi Dergah (dervish convent) in Kocamustafa.

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