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Saturday, March 24, 2007

SAMI EFFENDI: (1837 - 1914)

Sami Effendi was born in Istanbul in 1253 H. He was the son of Mahmud Effendi the Yorgancilar Kethüdasi (Head of the Quilt-Makers). He learned Ta’Iiq from Kibrisizade Ismail Hakki Effendi and All Haydar Bey, and Thuluth from Bosnak Osman Effendi; In Jeli script he was a close follower of Mustafa Rakim, whom he rivaled in excellence.A number of fine very inscriptions and istifs by this calligrapher can be seen on various mosques, fountains, etc. in Istanbul. He trained some very fine calligraphers, including Necmeddin Effendi and Kamil (Akdik) Effendi. He died in 1330 H. and was buried in the cemetery belonging to the Fatih Mosque.

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