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Saturday, March 24, 2007

NAZIF BEY: “Mehmed Nazif” (1846 - 1914)

Mehmed Nazif Bey was a native of Ruscuk, and was born in 1262 H. He entered the Saray school at an early age, and there he learned the art of calligraphy from Vahdeti Effendi of Burdur, a pupil of Abdullah Zühdü. He later studied Ta’Iiq under Sami Effendi, from whom he received his icazet.After leaving the Saray school he spent many years as calligrapher in the Cartography Department of the Erkan-i Harbiye-i Umumiye (Army General Staff).He had a very fine command of Thuluth, Jeli and Naskhi, and displayed great skill in the use of Ta’Iiq.Nazif Bey died in 1331 H. and was buried in the graveyard belonging to the Yahya Effendi Dergah (dervish convent) in Besiktas.

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