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Saturday, March 24, 2007

KAMIL EFFENDI: “Ahmet Kamil Akdik” (1880 - 1951)

Kamil Effendi was born in Istanbul in 1278 H. He learned Thuluth and Naskhi from the great calligrapher Sami Effendi, from whom he also received his icazet. He later learned from the same teacher the art of the tughra and Divani script. He held the post of teacher of writing in the Divan-i Hümayun Kalemi (Secretariat of the Imperial Chancery). In 1914 he was appointed teacher of Thuluth and Naskhi in the Medrese-tul Hattatin, in 1918 teacher of writing in Galatasaray Lycee and in 1936 teacher of calligraphy in the Academy of Fine Arts.He was twice invited to Egypt, where he left a considerable number of very fine works. He died in 1360 H. and was buried in the cemetery at Eyup/Istanbul.

A portrait of the Calligrapher painted by Seref Akdik

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