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Saturday, March 24, 2007

SEFiK BEY: (1819 - 1880)

Sefik Bey was born in Besiktas in Istanbul in 1235 H. He began to study calligraphy with Ali Vasfi Effendi and, after the death of his father, continued his studies with the greatest calligrapher of the time, Kazasker Mustafa Izzet Effendi. He was later appointed teacher of calligraphy to the officiais in the Saray. Sultan Abdulmecid sent him, together with the calligrapher Abdulfettah Effendi, to Bursa to repair the inscriptions in the UIu Djami, which had been severely damaged in the earthquake of 1855. During the three years he spent on these repairs he also wrote a numoer of very fine inscriptions in other mosques.Sefik Bey was a very fine calligrapher who composed some very beautiful pieces in Thuluth, Jeli, Naskhi and Divani scripts. The ayets on each side of the “Daire-i Umuru Askeriyye” above the main entrance of the central building of the University in Beyazid and the inscriptions in the UIu Djami in Bursa are to be reckoned amongst his finest works.He died in 1297 H. and was buried in the Yahya Effendi cemetery in Besiktas.

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