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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hattat Hocazade Hafız Mehmed Hulusi Yazgan (1285/6/1868/9 - 1358/1940)

Hulusi Effendi was born in Istanbul in 1285/6 H. He learned Ta’liq from Haci Arif Bey of Carsamba and Sami Effendi, and Thuluth and Naskhi from Muhsinzade Abdullah Bey. He was teacher of writing in Darüssafaka Lycee and the Medresetül Hattatin.Hulusi Effendi was one of the greatest Turkish masters of Ta’Iiq and Ta’liq Jeli. He spent his whole life, however, in financial distress and poverty. He died in 1358 H. The recent calligraphers Halim Ozyazici and Kemal Batanay were two of his most distinguished pupils.

A Work by Hulusi Efendi

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