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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Turkish National Library, Ankara/ Turkey

The Turkish National Library is one of the youngest national library in the world. The works of foundation was laid in a small office in the Ministry of National Education,Directorate of Publications on April 15,1946 and a collection of 8000 works were accumulated in a short time. On April 1,1947 the library was temporarily moved to another building and during this period the collection reached 60,000. The building in the above picture was allocated in order to put the collection into service and the TNL was opened to users on August 16,1948. With the enactment of the Establishment Law on March 29,1950, the TNL assumed a legal identity. Foundation of a Bibliographical Institute working under the TNL was ensured the “Supplementary Law to the Establishment Law of the Turkish National Library “dated May 18,1955. Considering that the first building would not meet the future needs, planning of a new building was started in 1965. The construction work began after a long period of planning during 1965-73, and the building was completed in 1982. The TNL started serving its users in the new building on August 5,1983 The Library is built on a space of 39.000 square meters, and is large enough to enable the addition of new modules. The TNL building consisting of three modular blocks, shelters the administrative offices, general and special purpose reading rooms, group study rooms, staff rooms, study rooms for fine arts, and ventilated stores equipped with fire alarm systems. Here are also an exhibition hall and two multi-purpose meeting and concert halls. New activities have been initiated in the new building including Data
Processing Center, Talking Books Department, Atatürk Documentation Center and Biography Archive, Map Room, Microfilm Archive, fully equipped Printing House using off-set printing techniques Microfilm and Photography Laboratory.

Collected catalogue of Printed Works of Turkey, Arabic Lettered Turkish Works (1729-1928)

Up till now five volumes have been published by the presidency of National library and preparations continue for volume VI.

Türkiye Basmaları Toplu Kataloğu Arap Harfli Türkçe Eserler (Collected catalogue of Printed Works of Turkey Arabic lettered Turkish Works) 1729-1928 Vol. I, Part I (A-Ali el Karî ) Ankara 1990

Türkiye Basmaları Toplu Kataloğu Arap Harfli Türkçe Eserler (Collected catalogue of Printed Works of Turkey Arabic Lettered Turkish Works) 1729-1928 Vol. I, Part 2 (Ali Kâzım Aznavur) Ankara 1990

Catalogue of Manuscripts of National Library

Publishing has started in 1987 under the name of Milli Kütüphane Yazmalar Kataloğu (Catalogue of Manuscripts in National Library). Initial corrections of volume VI named Milli Kütüphane Divanlar Kataloğu (Catalogue of the manuscripts of collected Poems in National Library) has been completed and preparations are going on.

Volume I: (General topics, Metaphysics, Secret Sciences) Ankara 1987

Volume II: (Secret Sciences, Psychology, Logic, Philosophy) Ankara 1988

Volume III: (The Religion of Islam, Sciences related with Koran, Commentary (for Koran)) Ankara 1992

Volume IV: (The sayings of Prophet Muhammad) Ankara 1994

Volume V: ( Religious precepts and study of Koran,Akaid ve Kelam) Ankara 1997

Collected Catalogue of Manuscripts of Turkey

National Library is responsible for specifying the bibliographical identities and publishing catalogues; of the manuscripts existing in libraries and museums connected to Ministry of Culture firstly and later on, those existing in the libraries of some state institutions and some persons.

The following activities have been completed within the scope of the project being implemented since 1978:

1- TÜYATOK 1- The first catalogue covers the manuscripts in the libraries of; Atatürks Mausoleum (16 works, Presidency of the Republic (34 works),Turkish Grand National Assembly of Turkey (104 works) and Public Library of Adıyaman Province (132 works). In
this volume there are bibliographical introduction of totally 286 manuscripts /pamphlets. (Ankara 1979).

2- TÜYATOK 2: The Second catalogue includes the manuscripts belonging to the Public Libraries of Giresun, Ordu and Rize provinces. In this volume there is bibliographical introduction of totally 619 manuscripts/pamphlets.

3- TÜYATOK 3 (34/I): In this catalogue that covers the books belonging to Istanbul Süleymaniye Library - Ali Nihat Tarlan Kolleksiyonu (Collection of Ali Nihat Tarlan) there are bibliographical introduction of 425 manuscripts in total (Ankara 1981).

4- TÜYATOK 4-8 (07/l-V) : This catalogue consists of volumes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and five separate fascicles and covers manuscripts from the districts and province of Antalya (namely Antalya Province Museum, Alanya District Museum, Akseki Yeğen Mehmet Paşa Library Elmalı and Tekeli District Public Libraries. Totally 4.042 manuscripts / pamphlets are introduced in this catalogue (Istanbul 1982 -1984).

5- TÜYATOK 9 (34/II): İn this catalogue covering the collection Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Paşa Kolleksiyonu in Istanbul Bayezid State Library totally 467 manuscripts are introduced. (Ankara 1984).

6- TÜYATOK 10-12 (01/I-III): In this catalogue, consisting of 3 values, totally 2592 manuscripts belonging to Public Library and Museum of Adana Province are introduced. (Ankara 1985 - 1986)

7- TÜYATOK 13 (34/III): İn this catalogue (volume 13) that covers the manuscripts in the collection, Amca Zade Hüzeyin Paşa ve Hekimbaşı Musa Nazif Efendi Kolleksiyonu in İstanbul Süleymaniye Library totally 630 manuscripts are introduced (Ankara 1987).

8- TÜYATOK 14-18 (05/I-V): It was foreseen to publish this catalogue in five volumes, in the published first four volumes (14-05/I, 15-05/II, 16-05/III and 17-05/IV) namely, Amasya İl Halk Kütüphanesi Yazmaları Kataloğu(Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Public Library of Amasya Province), totally 2994 works / pamphlets are introduced. (Istanbul 1990 -1995). By the last fifth volume (TÜYATOK 18-05 / V) which is being published at the printing house of Faculty of Literature Istanbul University 1190 more books / pamphlets will be introduced.

9- TÜYATOK 19 (34/IV): This catalogue, in which 1155 works / pamphlets are introduced, covers the manuscripts in the collection Mustafa Aşir Efendi Koleksiyonu in İstanbul Süleymaniye Library (Ankara -Printing house of National Library, 1994).

10- TÜYATOK 20 (03): In this volume published under the name of Afyon ili Yazmaları (Manuscripts of Afyon Province) totally 1952 works / pamphlets, (1938 works from Afyon Gedik Ahmet Paşa Public Library 12 works from Afyon Province Museum, 2 works from Dinar District Public Library) are introduced under 1185 principal titles (with catalogue serial numbers) (Ankara, Printing house of National Library 1996).

11- TÜYATOK 21 (10): In this catalogue, published under the name of Balıkesir İli Yazmaları Kataloğu (catalogue of the Manuscripts of Balıkesir Province) totally 2715 works / pamphlets i.e 2439 works in Balıkesir Province Public Library, 185 works in Dursun Bey District Public Library, 91 works in Edremit. District Public Library, are in traduced under 1246 principal titles. (With catalogue serious numbers) (Ankara, Printing-house of National Library, 1997).

12- TÜYATOK 22 (18) : In this catalogue published under the name of “Çankırı İl Halk Kütüphanesi Yazmaları kataloğu” (Catalogue of the Manuscripts in Çankırı Province Public Library), totally 1076 works / pamphlets are introduced under 683 principal titles. (Ankara, Printing-house of National Library, 1998).

13- TÜYATOK 23 (32) (Ankara, Printing House of National Library, 2000).

14- TÜYATOK 24 (15) (Ankara, Printing House of National Library, 2000).

Valuable manuscripts, previously in the province and district Libraries of Isparta and Burdur and later handed over to Konya Bölge Yazmaları Kütüphanesi (Library of Regional Manuscripts in Konya) in 1994 are catalogued within the scope of TÜYATOK and published under the names of Türkiye Yazmaları Toplu Kataloğu Burdur I, II and Türkiye Yazmaları Toplu Kataloğu Isparta (Collected catalogue of Manuscrupts of Turkey, Burdur I, II and Collected catalogue of Manuscripts of Turkey, Isparta). These catalogues were published within the scope of activities related with Osmanlı Bilim ve Kültür Mirasının 700. Yıldönümü Anma Etkinlikleri i.e Activities for Commemoration of the 700th Anniversary of Ottoman Empire´s Cultural Inheritance). The content of the catalogues covers the following works.

1687 volumes of manuscripts and 3100 books / pamphlets in Burdur Province Public Library,
795 volumes of manuscripts and 1263 books / pamphlets in Isparta Halil Hamit Paşa Public Library,
474 volumes of manuscripts and 1080 books / pamphlets in Uluborlu District Alaaddin Keykubat Public Library.
247 volumes of manuscripts and 516 books / pamphlets in Yalvaç District Ali Rıza Efendi Public Library,
109 volumes of manuscripts and 260 books / pamphlets in Şarkikaraağaç District Public Library,
3 volumes of manuscripts and 11 books / pamphlets in Senirkent District Public Library.
1 volume of manuscript and one book / pamphlet in Aydoğmuş District Public Library.

All these catalogues cover totally 3316 volumes of manuscripts, 6231 books / pamphlets and 3594 principal titles.


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