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Monday, March 26, 2007


This library was originally known as the Revolutionary Museum and Library (Inkilap Müzesi and Kütüphanesi) and established in the medrese of the Bayezid Mosque Complex in 1931. In 1945 it was called the İstanbul Municipal Library (İstanbul Belediye Kütüphanesi). In 1981 the entire library was moved to its present location in Taksim and renamed the Atatürk Library.

This library contains nearly 200,000 volumes: 24,803 in modern Turkish, 11,903 in Ottoman Turkish, 3,614 manuscripts in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, and Persian. 14,547 periodicals, 552 annuals (salnames), 320 calendars, 272 maps, and 13 Qurans. There is also a collection of maps, folios of prints, calendars, and postcards in Ottoman Turkish. Exhibitions and conferences are regularly held in the library.

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