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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mustafa Izzet [Kadiasker] (1801 - 1876)

Mustafa Izzet was born in Tosya in 1216 H. After his father’s death he was sent to Istanbul. Happening to cath the attention of Sultan Mahmud II he was taken into the Saray, where he was trained and educated. He learned Thuluth and Naskhi from the calligrapher Mustafa Vasif Efendi and Ta’Iiq from Yesarizade Mustafa Izzet Effendi. He received an icazet from both his teachers. He had a very fine voice and also practiced music. He was appointed to the Saray imamlik during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid.

He produced eleven copies of the Qur’an, a number of Delails and En’ams, some two hundred Hilyes and a number of panels in a very fine Naskhi in the style of Hafiz Osman. He was responsible for the large round panels in the Ayasofya Museum.
He had a large number of pupils, and trained some very fine calligraphers including Sefik Bey, Muhsinzade Abdullah, Vahdeti, Abdullah Zühdü, Kayiszade Osman, Arif of Carsamba, Mehmed Hilmi and Ilmi Effendi. He died in 1293 H. and was buried in the graveyard of the Kadiri Dergahi (dervish convent) in Tophane.

A Calligraphy by Kazasker Mustafa İzzet Efendi. Its read: "Falaha hayrun hafizan ve hüve er hamürrahimiyn sadakallahülmuiyn"; "Allah en hayırlı koruyandır. O, merhametlilerin en merhametlisidir"

A Calligraphy by Kazasker Mustafa Izzet Efendi. Its read: Allah, Muhammed, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hueseyin (the last for names are members of the prophets blessed family)

Photograph © antikmezat

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