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Saturday, March 24, 2007

MUSTAFA: “Suyolcuzade Eyyubi” (d. 1685)

He was born in Istanbul, and was the grandfather of the Suyolcuzade Mehmed Necib who wrote a work entitled “Devha-tül Kuttab” on the subject of Turkish calligraphers.He learned the art of calligraphy and received his icazet from Dervish Ali “Birinci”, a pupil of Halid Erzrumi. He himself taught Hafiz Osman, one of his very numerous pupils. He flourished during the reign of Sultan Mehmed IV. He wrote some fifty copies of the Qur’an, a large number of En’ams, prayer books and Murak’kas. He died in 1097 H. (1685) and was buried in the Eyup cemetery.

Pupils of the master: Ömer b. İsmâil (ö. 1097/1686); Abdurrahman el-Müzehhib (1098/1687); Mehmed Azîzî b. Îsâ (ö. 1100/1689); Mehmed Enverî (ö. 1106/1694); Osman b. Ali (Hâfız) (ö. 1110/1742); Feyzullah b. Mehmed (ö. 1115/1703); Mehmed (ö. 1120/1708); Mustafa Salâtî (ö. 1120/1708); Ahmed (ö. 1120/1708); Abdullah b. hüseyin (ö. 1122/1710); Mustafa Hâfız (ö. 1128/1716); Şeyh Mehmed b. Ali b. Ahmed (ö. 1129/1717); İbrâhim Feyzî (ö. 1136/1724); Ali (ö. 1138/1725); Ebu Bekir b. Ahmed (ö. 11414/1729); Seyyid Abdülkâidr (ö. 1146/1733); Abdullah (ö. 1150/1737); Mehmed b. Ali (ö. 1159/1746); Ahmed b. Mahmûd, Ahmed b. İbrâhim.

Calligraphy by Suyolcuzâde Eyyûbî Mustafa. Photograph © (TİEM, nr. 2457)

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