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Saturday, March 24, 2007

SEVKI: “Mehmed Sevki Effendi” (1828- 1887)

Mehmed Sevki Effendi was born in Kastamonu in 1245 H. He was brought to Istanbul at a very early age and learned Thuluth and Naskhi from his uncle Hulusi Effendi. He received his icazet at the age of fourteen. In spite of his teachers insistence he refused to continue his studies with any other teacher and confined his further studies to an examination of the calligraphic models prepared by Kazasker Mustafa Izzet Effendi. He taught Hüsnü Hat (penmanship) in the Ministry of War and in a number of schools. In Naskhi script he adopted the style of Hafiz Osman and small Zühdü while in Thuluth and Jeli he followed Mustafa Rakim. He left a number of very fine pieces, most of them istifs. He was one of finest exponents of the Hatti icaze.He died in 1304 H. and was buried in the Merkez Effendi cemetery.

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