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Saturday, March 24, 2007

YESARI: “Mehmed Esad Yesari” (d. 1798)

Mehmed Esad Yesari was a native of Istanbul. He was born paralysed down the right hand side of his body, which gave rise to the nickname “Yesari” (left-handed). He learned the art of calligraphy from the master of Ta’Iiq script Mehmed Dedezade and very quickly gained his icazet. (1167 H.).He trained a considerable number of pupils and his writings and inscriptions are to be seen on many mosques, tombs, fountains, imarets, etc. in Istanbul. His son Musfafa Izzet Effendi was, like his father, a master of Ta’liq script.He died in 1213 H. and was buried in the vicinity of the Fatih Mosque.

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