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Monday, March 26, 2007

Süleymaniye Library Istanbul

The building which houses the library of the Süleymaniye Complex was built in 1751 by Köse Mustafa Bahir Paşa. The Süleymaniye Library was founded as a modern librray in 1916. Not only is it the most comprehensive library of manuscripts, it also contains the largest collection of Islamic manuscripts in the world. The library houses 130,325 works, including 67,152 manuscripts in Ottoman Turkish,

Arabic and Persian, 48,924 printed materials in Ottoman Turkish, 11,914 volumes in modern Turkish, 997 in English, 609 in French, 438 in German and 316 in other languages. It is the first librray in Turkey to provide microfilm and photocopying services, which were begun in 1950, and also provides computer search services.

Postal adress:
Süleymaniye Yazma Eser Kütüphanesi Müdürlüğü
Ayşe Kadın Hamamı Sokak No. 35
34116 –Eminönü-İstanbul/Turkey
Tel: + 90 (0) 212 520 64 60
Fax: + 90 (0) 212 511 22 10
e-mail :

Location Map

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