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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About JOC

The Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy is dedicated to Islamic art and Ottoman calligraphy and it is currently a Online journal. The JOC is a semi-academic online periodical devoted to the subject, and has been spearheading the ongoing discussion defining Islamic and Ottoman calligraphy, since its founding in 2006. JOC is a refereed online journal that publishes essays and reviews on all aspects, areas and periods of the history of Islamic and Ottoman calligraphy, from a diversity of perspectives.

Most articles are in English, with a few appearing in other European languages and in Turkish. Each volume also includes a calender of events and a list of puplications concerning Islamic and Ottoman calligraphy worldwide.

The mission of the JOC is to delight, inspire, and educate a diverse public through the collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of works of Islamic and Ottoman calligraphy. The JOC is a non-commercial project.

JOC is presenting here masterpieces of Ottoman calligraphy from Private Collections around Turkey.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions and questions. JOC welcomes always essays and reviews.

The Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy articles are generally not conflict-driven, and they must appeal both to readers who have no familiarity with the Journals’s regions or subjects as well as experts