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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tughra of Sultan Abdulaziz

The Tughra as a imperial monogram or a kind of signature of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz, is written by Hafiz Vahdeti [1832-1896] during the second year of Sultan Abdulazizs reign[ 1861-1876] and is dated 1279 (1862). This exceptional calligraphy work was sold at auction in Istanbul in April 2006 to a private collection. We read the tughra as follows: Abdulaziz han the son of Mahmud ever victorious (Abdulaziz han bin Mahmud el-muzaffer daima) . The style is typical for the ottoman rococo period. The composition of the tughra is very interesting and rare, we see 28 pyramids or triangles which are placed around the name of the sultan. As seen the colour blue and gold is dominating the work of art.
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